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Water Supply

Water supply in bulk which is received by Cantonment Board from MES, Ahmednagar . The Cantonment Board having 02 Overhead tank & 01 Reservior having capacity 01 lakh gallon each. The water is distributed through pipe lines by Cantonment Board. The water supply department of Cantonment Board is headed by Senior sectional Engineer Water works (Telephone no. 0241-2326008 extension- 19 ).

At present Cantonment Board is receiving on an average 2.75 lakh gallons per day @ Rs.21/80per 1000ltr. (variable) of all in cost rates of MES. The water supplied to public daily. There are 92 bore wells in Cantt area which are maintained by Cantt Board.

Water Charges :
    A. For Domestic Supply

        (a) Un-metered water connections ½” dia Rs.1800/- per annum

        (b) Peoples do not have water connections & received water from water stand post ……… Rs. 100/- per annum lumsum

   B. For Commercial supply

        (a) un-metered water connection ½” Rs.3600/- per annum

  Discharge Capacity   3 Lakh Gals per Day
  Total Connections (Domestic)   2400 Approx.
  Total Connections (commercial)   25