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To get a New Water Connection

Applicant have to carry these Documents :

        A resident of Cantonment area who is residing in a house which is assessed for the purpose of property tax can apply for water connection. For this he is required to submit application. To avoid in processing the application, an application for a new water connection may ensure that,

                 1. Tax Paid for current financial year (Xerox Copy)

                 2. Application on plain paper

Procedure :

        In case complete information is provided by applicant and water is available in the area/locality he will be given Sanction letter for new water connection within ninety days. He will be informed about the Deposit, form fee, departmental charges & advance water charges for twelve months required to be deposited by him at the office of Cantonment Board Office. The total material will be procured by the applicants for new water connection.

        Thereafter the water connection will be provided. The plumber concerned to provide the water connection.

         The plumber has the instructions to provide the water connection within 30 days of sanction. In order to avoid delay the application for water connection may keep the connecting pipe lines and meter readily available at the house.

        No charges are to be paid to the supervisors or Plumber/workmen for work undertaken at site.

Duration :

         Ninety days to get a New Connection ( If Every Document is Genuine & Supply Lines are Available )

Regarding Water Supply Complaints :

        Complaints of following nature can be made either through telephone or in writing to Supervisor concerned between 10.00 am to 17.30 pm

        Senior Sectional Engineer Tel.No. 0241-2326008 , 9096100114 (M)

        Sectional Engineer Tel No. 0241-2326008 , 9096100115 (M) .

        1. Leakage of water pipe line.
        2. Unauthorized connection by any resident.

        3. Contamination of water.

        4. Dirty water supply.

        5. Encroachment & unauthorized Construction.

        6. Non supply of water.

        7. N.O.C. from house owner.

         In case the Complaints are not attend to within 72 hours, any resident of Cantonment can send the complaints in writing to OS / CEO in Cantonment Board Office.

         Bills for water charges are issued yearly. The water Consumption is calculated on the basis on flat rate. However, cash / cheque can be paid only with the cashier / SRC / Tax collectors who are authorized to issue 4-B receipt.

         In case amount payable in water bill is disputed by any resident, he may meet the superintendent / SRC between 10.00 am to 16.00 pm on any working day (Monday – Friday).