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Sanitation in Ahmednagar Cantonment:

Drains Cleaning:-

        The Ahmednagar Cantonment (Civil Area) is mainly divided in two parts i.e. Bhingar area & Sadar Bazar area. In the Cantonment civil area there is open drain system for disposal of storm water and sullage water. There is no underground drainage/sewer system, therefore sullage i.e. outflow from septic tank also connected to open drains. Drain sweeper detailed for regular work of cleaning of drains in each wards. In the morning session, drain sweeper cleans their allotted drains. Whenever some drain sweeper is on leave/absent work of such area done in fatigue work. In fatigue work mainly big drains/complaint work carried out regularly as per the position/requirement.

Roads/Cantt. Open places/lanes/ Bazaar area sweeping:-

       Roads/Cantt. Open places/lanes/Bazaar areas are swept by the road sweepers regularly. Each road sweeper allotted specific area for daily work and as per allocation every road sweeper work in their area. Whenever some roadsweeper is on leave/absent work of such area done in fatigue work. In fatigue mainly open area nearby residential area cleaned.

Dustbins Cleaning :-

       There are total 32 dustbins in Cantonment Civil area. These dustbins are cleaned regularly through outsourcing. M/s. Balaji Enterprises, Bhingar Ahmednagar have allotted civil area dustbin cleaning work. The Sanitary staff cleans the dustbins in Army area with 04 nos of rubbish tipper vehicles as per the Conservancy agreement executed every year with Station Headquarter, Ahmednagar.

Group Latrines Cleaning: -

       There are 18 nos of blocks separately for males and females in Cantonment Civil area. The cleaning work of these group latrines are privatized by this office due to shortage of staff. M/s. Akanksa Enterprises, Ahmednagar awarded the contract of cleaning of public group latrines.

Conservancy Services in Army Area: -

       The Ahmednagar Cantonment Board provides conservancy services to the army area as per conservancy agreement executed with Station Headquarter Ahmednagar every year. The Board deployed Four Rubbish tipper vehicles & required safaikarmacharis for the said purpose.

Door to Door Garbage Collection:-

       The Ahmednagar Cantonment Board provides service of house to house garbage collection through hiring four nos of ghantagadi. The work of hiring of ghantagadi awarded to M/s. Balaji Enterprizes Ahmednagar. These ghantagadies collect the garbage from house to house regularly.

Spraying and Fogging Insecticides:-

       The Cantonment Board always takes preventive measures before outbreak of epidemic. Spraying of insecticides is done regularly.

Disposal of Municipal Solid Waste:-

       Municipal Solid Waste collected from Cantonment area is disposed at Darewadi Trenching ground. The Cantonment Board have made turnkey project for disposal of MSW (Manufacturing manure from MSW)

In spite of above services the sanitary section performs following Services:

       • Tree Plantation in Cantonment area.

       • Removal of dead animals

       • Security to Cantt. Property

       • Help to Engineering section during removing encroachment/unauthorized construction

       • Help to organize Cantt. President Cup, Football Tournaments