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Revenue Services

1) CPT (Consolidated Property Tax) - Taxes assessed 20% on ARV as per Gazette notification dated / 11/1989.
2) Water Charges : - Rs.1800/- per Annum for domestic use. Rs. 3600/- per Annum for commercial use.
3) Octroi - sharing with Ahmednagar Municipal corporation and received octroi share Rs.1.00 crore per year.
4) Service charges -
from Central Govt. – this office has received service charges from Central Govt. every year on the basis of land and building cost which is calculated by DEO & MES.
from State Govt. - as per the directions of higher authority this office has charging service charges to State Govt. buildings located in Cantonment area.
5) Other public facilities.
     i) Mangal karyalaya - Rs.6700/- for 24 hours (one day)
     ii) Cantonment Lawn – Rs.9500/- for 24 hours (one day)