Cantonment Property

Environment & Gardens : To maintain eco balance, the sanitary section carrying massive tree plantation programmes every year and maintaining gardens. There are three nos of gardens for public recreation and health maintained by the sanitary staff.

1. Gautam Budhha Smruti Van (Jogging Park): Gautam Budha Smruti Van (Jogging Park) is large garden where lot of greenery available. Most people not only from Cantt. area but also at large from neighboring city comes to Jogging Park.
Main Salient feature of Garden is as Follows:
Jogging Track with red soil having length of One Kilometer.
Lot of greenery and ornamental plants
Seating arrangement with shed alongwith track
Lot of playing equipments for children
Eco-friendly & Pollution free Climate
Beautiful Entry gates and Warali art at entrance wall
Sufficient Lighting
Lot of Space for parking
Gymnastic instruments especially for Sr. Citizens.
Beautiful and attractive Flex Boards with Good Thoughts
Mile Stones along with Jogging Track

1) TRENCHING GROUND :- The Ahmednagar Cantt. Board have two trenching grounds one is at Savadi which is closed from last ten to fifteen years because of crowdie area. Second is near Dariwadi which is in working condition, but after conversation of pan type group latrine in to water born system the availability of sullage water is very less and naturally the Composting System is affected, last ten to twelve years there is no any sale, therefore Ahmednagar Cantt. Board has proposed Vermiculture project at Darewadi trenching Ground and the proposal was floated to the higher authority for sanction but there is no any response, main while the Contractor of the Vermiculture project give written statement that he is not ready to do the same because lot- off time has been left out in sanction process. Then after the Ahmednagar Cantt. Board has approach to the Ahmednagar Municipal Corporation as joining hand for disposal of the garbage, lot-off corresponds and meeting has been made with the Municipal authority and formally AMC authority agreed for joining hand , but the existing contractor of AMC has been left out the site without complete the project and again AMC has been called a E-tender for the garbage disposal and the Ahmednagar Cantt. Board has continuously contact with the AMC for the above project, and now it is learnt that the matter will be finalized with in a short period with the help of AMC.

2)PUBLIC GARDENS:- Ahmednagar Cantt. Board has maintain five gardens for general public including jogging track having one Km. length.

3)PONDS:- Ahmednagar Cantt. Board have one pond for stray cattle’s. 4)DRAINS:- The length of the drains of the Ahmednagar Cantonment Board is more than 40,000 rft. ( approxl ) most of which have already been covered by using precast slab, but it is not suitable for the cleaning purpose as lot off time it happens overflowing because the original diameter of the drains is very less. Due to non availability of sufficient fund the Ahmednagar Cantonment Board has no under ground sewerage system with sewerage Treatment plant for dispose of sewerage.

5)PUBLIC TOILET AND URINALS:-The Ahmednagar Cantonment Board is maintaining 333 seats of public toilet in 18 group latrine’s and 15 seats of public urinals all of which have been converted in to water borne system. Every year the Board has undertaken the work of conversion / repair of selected group latrine’s / toilets. Two Sulabh Sauchalaya’s ( pay and use scheme ) facility are provided to the public at S.No 76 Shopping plaza and Friday Bazaar area respectively. All the toilet and urinals are well maintained and the Board spends a sum of amount annually on this account to give proper service to the general public of Cantonment.

Group Latrines
Mominpura Bhoyare Talim Bhingar Tekadi Khalewadi Total
Gents 26 16 35 18 95
Ladies 16 22 24 14 76
Total 42 38 59 32 171
Gents 33 7 7 32 79
Ladies 29 7 7 32 75
Total 62 14 14 64 154